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Himalayan Nyinmapa Tibetan Buddhist Monastery Manali Address: Siyal, Manali, Himachal Pradesh, 175131, India

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Himalayan Nyinmapa Tibetan Buddhist Monastery Manali Timings

Day Timing
Monday 6:00 am – 7:00 pm
Tuesday 6:00 am – 7:00 pm
Wednesday 6:00 am – 7:00 pm
Thursday 6:00 am – 7:00 pm
Friday 6:00 am – 7:00 pm
Saturday 6:00 am – 7:00 pm
Sunday 6:00 am – 7:00 pm
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Among the picturesque places, exciting horse rides and snow-capped mountains, Himalayan Nyinmapa Tibetan Buddhist Monastery might be missed. Located by the busy Mall Road, this Tibetan monastery is one of the oldest and most popular attractions in Manali.

Himalayan Nyinmapa Tibetan Buddhist Monastery Manali is painted in the characteristic bright yellow and red colours of Buddhist monasteries. It has an architectural attraction that pulls you to explore the premises.

This Buddhist monastery in Manali is a must-visit place to experience the spiritual importance and power of Buddhism. Take the alley off the Mall Road that leads to the monastery and visit this hidden treasure while enjoying the pleasant climate of this town. You can feel the divine and tranquil vibe of the monastery right from the entrance.

This Buddhist temple provides a glimpse into the prayer services and daily activities of the monks. It’s a small monastery, but you get calming vibes everywhere. A visit to the monastery can bring you at peace with your life, if even only for a moment.

The most prominent feature of Himalayan Nyinmapa Tibetan monastery in Manali is the idol of Sakyamuni in a meditative posture.

Where is Nyinmapa Tibetan Monastery in Manali?

Nyinmapa Tibetan Monastery is in an alley off the busy Mall Road. It’s close to the bustling market and can be visited while exploring Manali. It’s the best place in the town to look at the Buddhist Monks and their lifestyle.

Architecture of Himalayan Nyinmapa Tibetan Monastery

Nyinmapa Tibetan Monastery Manali is a pagoda-style Buddhist temple built in traditional Tibetan architecture. It’s a two-storey building constructed amidst a small park. The building, painted in bright yellow and red, is quite captivating to the tourists.

A 4.5 feet tall idol of Lord Buddha presides over the monastery. He’s in the sitting posture, coloured in the traditional gold and saffron colours. The walls and ceiling have vivid murals depicting various principles and life events of Gautam Buddha.

Several other statues of Buddha in various sizes are also in the monastery. You can see a stupa, too, in the garden next to the shrine building.

The entrance door is made of wood, inscribed with designs and symbols related to Buddhism. A narrow pathway, lined by shrubs and spacious lawns on either side, leads to the main shrine. The passage surrounding the shrine has the prayer wheels, which you can spin while chanting “Om Mani Padme Hun” softly.

Things to do at Himalayan Nyinmapa Tibetan Buddhist Monastery

Visiting Himalayan Nyinmapa Tibetan Monastery Manali can be a peaceful and meditative experience. You can wander the grounds lost in your thoughts, doing nothing in particular, or sit inside and meditate. You will feel yourself connecting to your soul.

The monastery also has the prayer wheels like other Buddhist monasteries. You should spin them clockwise while mumbling “Om Mani Padme Hun.” It’s the auspicious mantra of Tibetan Buddhism. You can also circle the shrine as you rotate the wheels.

Another attraction of Nyinmapa Tibetan Buddhist Monastery is the handicraft shops around it. These shops sell beautiful carpets and handmade products made by Tibetan people living nearby. You can buy those for personal use or as souvenirs or gifts for friends and relatives back home.

Outside the monastery, you can also get yourself clicked wearing traditional Tibetan dresses. Shops and local photographers provide those colourful dresses for rent, for the sole purpose of clicking a memorable photograph of your Manali trip.

Nyinmapa Tibetan Monastery Manali Timings and Entry Fees

Nyinmapa Tibetan Buddhist Monastery is open throughout the day and on all days of the week. You can visit it anytime between 6 AM and 7 PM.

You don’t need to pay an entry fee for this Tibetan monastery in Manali. Everyone’s allowed to visit the place, offer prayers and spend some time meditating. But if you want to use a camera or mobile phone for photography inside the monastery, you need to pay ₹20.

Best time to visit Nyinmapa Tibetan Buddhist Monastery

You can visit Himalayan Nyinmapa Monastery any time of the year. Save for the monsoon months, the weather is ideal in Manali around the year.

The best time to visit is in the winter and spring months. From October to April, the temperature is the most comfortable to visit the monastery and explore other tourist places in the town.

It’s best to visit Nyinmapa Tibetan Buddhist Monastery Manali in the evenings when you're looking for some relaxation after a day-long tour across the town. You can easily spend an hour here.

Things to keep in mind while visiting Nyinmapa Monastery

  • Don’t wear footwear inside the monastery shrine.
  • Dress respectably, covering your knees and shoulders.
  • Maintain silence in and around the temple.
  • Abstain from disturbing monks in prayer.
  • You can leave fruit offerings for the monks as respect.

How to reach Tibetan Buddhist Monastery Manali?

Himalayan Nyinmapa Tibetan Monastery is just off the Mall Road, a few hundred metres from the market. Manali Bus Depot is less than a kilometre away. The nearest railway station is in Kalka, about 279 km away. Kullu (52 km away from Manali) has a small airport, but the nearest international airport is in Chandigarh, 310 km away.

Now, here are the different ways to visit Himalayan Nyinmapa Tibetan Buddhist Monastery:

By motorbikes – Motorbike rentals are available in many places around Manali. You can hire them and visit this Tibetan monastery easily. They’re also a popular way of getting around Manali and exploring other tourist attractions.

By auto-rickshaws – Auto-rickshaws are available all over Manali to take you to different places in the town. Himalayan Nyinmapa Monastery is close to the market and takes only a few minutes from most parts of Manali.

By taxis/cabs – You can also book a cab or taxi to visit the monastery. Cabs and taxis are the most convenient option for visiting Himalayan Nyinmapa Tibetan Buddhist Monastery and other tourist spots in and around Manali. You can book them from top car rental companies in Manali for the entire day or even for the entire time you're in Manali.

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