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Nestled in the lap of the magnanimous Himalayas, both Manali and Shimla are ideal choices for a family vacation. They are famous hill stations surrounded by Pine, Oak, Cedar, and Deodar forests. While Manali stands at an altitude of 2,050 m, Shimla is situated at 2,200 m. Manali Shimla Family Packages offer a perfect blend of adventure, scenic beauty, and tranquility to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul.

Besides scenic views, the hill stations provide wide-ranging, family-friendly attractions and activities to keep you entertained and happy. Wake up to splendid mountain views, taste the local cuisine, go shopping, indulge in entertainment, and participate in thrilling adventures.

With our Manali Shimla Family Packages, you can visit the educational, cultural, spiritual, and historical sites to explore the heritage of the region. Be stunned by the architectural wonders and experience the old colonial charm. Feast your eyes on the breathtaking vistas of the valleys and the mountains.

Our Manali Shimla Family Packages include stay, transport, and sightseeing options. You can opt for family rooms, babysitting services, celebrations, and customized meals. Pick a luxurious or budget-friendly accommodation from our list of best hotels in Manali and Shimla. Manali & Shimla offer the perfect ambiance to unwind and enjoy.

Why do Indians Love Manali & Shimla for Vacation?

Indians love Manali and Shimla for vacation due to the pleasant temperature and mesmerizing landscape. The mild summers are great for escaping the heat of the plains. You can easily travel with senior citizens and kids.

Being easily accessible by road from the nearby cities, Manali & Shimla make a wonderful weekend getaway. You can also commute by trains, buses, and flights from distant areas.

Traveling to Manali and Shimla is also a learning experience. Take a look at the brilliant fusion of the old-world order and modern developments. The tranquil and picturesque setting is a visual treat and helps you unwind from the daily routine.

Packages Overview

Manali Shimla Family Packages include a visit to the major tourist attractions of both the hill stations, a stay at comfortable hotels, and transportation. You can opt for a complete package or customize it as per your requirements. Our experienced travel agents will assist you in planning the perfect itinerary depending on the number of people, mode of transport, hotel preferences, and activities.

Our Manali Shimla Family Packages have something to offer for every family member. You can indulge in adventure sports such as paragliding, skiing, horse riding, and river rafting. You can also go trekking to explore the natural beauty and wildlife of the region.

Why Book with us?

Manali Shimla Family Packages are well-planned and cost-effective. Discover the hidden gems of Manali and Shimla as we take care of all your travel needs. We provide 24/7 customer support for a hassle-free vacation to make wonderful memories with your family.

Book your Manali Shimla Family Packages with us and enjoy a memorable vacation amidst the breathtaking scenery, adventure activities, and cultural experiences. We strive to provide the best experience by customizing your itinerary according to your interests and preferences.

Resort & Hotels options with our Manali Shimla Family Packages

Discover ample lodging options befitting your pocket in Manali and Shimla. There are several homestays offering pocket-friendly accommodation for long durations. You can pick from our list of best hotels in Manali and Shimla. We include accommodations with world-class infrastructure and those providing quality services. Most of them feature a well-equipped gym, spa, swimming pool, an in-house restaurant serving great food, and outdoor and indoor activities. Some also offer baby care and pet-friendly options.

The best resorts and hotels in Manali & Shimla for families are Snow Valley Resorts, Apple Country Resort, Honeymoon Inn Manali, Hotel Rockland Inn, and Radisson Jass Shimla. You can choose a resort or hotel in the vicinity of your favorite tourist attractions.

Popular Sightseeing Places in Manali & Shimla

1. Solang Valley

Located between the Solang Village and the Beas Kund, Solang Valley is a gorgeous and adventurous place at an elevation of 2,560 m. You can enjoy zorbing, skiing, paragliding, mountaineering, horse riding, sledding, snow motorbiking, and parachuting here. Acquire stunning vistas of the snow-laden mountains and the glaciers. Drive mini-open jeeps for a good dose of thrill and excitement. Try camping amidst the verdant meadows.

2. Rohtang Pass

Rohtang Pass is a high mountain pass offering unmatched views of glaciers, Lahaul Valley, mountains, and the Chandra River. It lies on the watershed between the water basins of the Beas River and the Chenab River. The beautiful pass is a gateway to Ladakh, Lahaul, Leh, Patang, and Spiti Valley. It is located on the Pir Panjal Mountain Ranges at a height of 3,980 m. The clear blue skies, sprawling landscapes, and snow-capped peaks appear mesmerizing. You can enjoy trekking, ice-skating, mountain biking, tire drop, toboggan rides, and skiing.

3. Jakhoo Temple
Jakhoo Temple, Shimla

Dedicated to Lord Hanuman, Jakhoo Temple is an ancient Hindu shrine on Shimla’s highest point, Jakhoo Hills. The 33-foot-high statue of the presiding deity is the world’s largest. Climb the steep stairs or hike up to the giant statue. You can reach the spot by car, pony ride, or ropeway. Its winding pathways and spectacular surroundings are awe-inspiring.

4. The Green Valley
The Green Valley, Shimla

Green Valley is also called the Hassan Valley. It is flanked by uninterrupted views of the green hills and the thick pine and cedar forests. It falls on the way from Shimla to Kufri. The peaceful setting offers a laid-back atmosphere to relax and unwind. Owing to its pristine beauty, the valley has been featured in many Bollywood movies. It is a well-known viewpoint where you can click amazing nature photographs. Witness the distant snow-capped Himalayas that form the perfect backdrop for your pictures. Spot rare animals, birds, flowers, and plants.

5. Kufri
Kufri, Shimla

Kufri is famous for the lofty green valleys turning pristine white in the winter. The enchanting atmosphere with fresh air all around it is one of the most sought-after places in the Himalayas. Come across thick pine and deodar forests and abundant flora and fauna. You can spot rare, exotic, local, and endangered species. Visit the Kufri Fun World, which is one of the world's highest amusement parks. You can indulge in a trek, enjoy a pony ride, or even try snow fighting.

Activities and things to do in Manali & Shimla

Manali and Shimla provide endless opportunities for the entire family. There is much to enjoy at the hill towns for adventure enthusiasts, history buffs, explorers, spiritual seekers, and nature lovers. You can spend some quality time together at the Chadwick Waterfall, Rozy Waterfall, Rahala Waterfall, and Jana Waterfall. Visit the Naggar Castle for its authentic art displays and Kuthar Fort for its blend of architectural and natural beauty.

Seek blessings at the Gauri Shankar Temple, Mahu Nag Temple, Bhim Kali Temple, Vashisht Temple, and Tara Devi Temple. Enjoy Peace at the Tibetan Monastery, Himalayan Nyinggamapa Gompa, and Dorje Drak Monastery.

Try camping amidst the dense woods, by the riverside, and in Solang Valley. You can also enjoy fishing, boat rides, and other water sports. Go for thrilling activities such as rock climbing, rappelling, zip-lining, and river rafting.

The Tibetan market, Himachal Emporium, and The Mall Road are great marketplaces for shoppers visiting Manali and Shimla. In Manali, you can also shop at Old Manali Market, Bhuttico, and Manu Market. Ram Bazar, Lower Bazar, Middle Bazaar, and Lakkar Bazar are great marketplaces in Shimla. You can buy high-quality, authentic goods at reasonable prices.

Shop for handloom products, woolens, handicrafts, artificial jewelry, accessories, crockery, footwear, and utensils. Wooden furniture, carvings, toys, home décor, Tibetan rugs, and carpets are perfect for gifting. Himachal hats and caps, Pashmina fabric, metal ware, wooden decorative goods, wall hangings, traditional Himachal dresses, and paper silk printed sarees are great souvenirs from your trip. Buy trendy jackets and Angora shawls to keep yourself warm.

Manali and Shimla, apart from their stunning landscapes and thrilling activities, are also renowned for their delightful culinary experiences. They offer a blend of traditional Himachali cuisine and diverse international food options. Explore local Himachali cuisine that includes dishes like Sidu, Madra, and Dham. Traditional dishes such as Chana Madra, Mash Daal, and Himachali Rasoi are must-tries. Street food lovers should not miss out on Shimla's lip-smacking Chaats, Momos, Samosas, Patande, and Jalebis.

How to reach Manali & Shimla

The nearest airport to Shimla is in Jubbarhatti. It is just 25 km away and connects nearby cities like Kullu, Chandigarh, and Delhi. The airport in Bhuntar is the nearest to Manali. From there you can get cabs and taxis to reach your destination.

The closest train station to Manali is Joginder Nagar Railway Station, and Kalka Railway Station is the nearest to Shimla. Take the iconic Shimla-Kalka toy train ride for an exhilarating experience. You can hire a cab to reach the hill stations.

You can also take buses and private taxis from nearby cities like Delhi, Jaipur, Agra, and Chandigarh. There are many private and state bus services available. Self-driving is also a good option, as the roads are smooth and ideal for a relaxing trip.

Book Manali Shimla family packages with us for a memorable vacation with your loved ones. You can choose from our several packages or discuss with our travel experts to get a personalized one that caters to your every demand. We ensure you have a hassle-free and unforgettable traveling experience with your family.

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