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Manali is one of Himachal Pradesh's most well-known and popular hill stations for honeymoon and family vacations. It provides some of the state's most breathtaking vistas of the Pir Panjal and Dhauladhar mountains. It is blanketed in snow throughout the year.

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, Manali has also become a popular destination for young people searching for extended work vacations. Old Manali is one of these people's preferred neighborhoods thanks to the calming cafes, reliable wifi, quaint restaurants, and practical stores. Numerous homestays and hostels provide inexpensive dorm beds for extended visits.

Manali is an excellent starting point for exploring this region of the Himalayas because there are many hiking opportunities nearby. The nearby town of Kullu offers fantastic rafting opportunities on the River Beas. The Parvati Valley, which borders the Parvati River and includes the small communities of Kasol, Manikaran, and Tosh, draws visitors for extended stays. Atal Tunnel has made Sissu much more accessible by enabling travelers to get there in a matter of hours from Spiti.

January and February get the most snowfall, followed by December and March. If you're very fortunate, snow may still be present in April. Travelers visit Rohtang Pass and Solang Valley specifically to partake in adventure sports like skiing, paragliding, and horseback riding. The Rohtang Pass is virtually always covered in snow, and it frequently has traffic bottlenecks and overcrowding.

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In addition to trying to provide you with a comfortable stay in the chosen hotel as per your own requirements and of your own and your family’s choice, you can spend your days exploring the beautiful hills and valleys of Manali.

For a great tourism experience, there are quite a few popular places to see in Manali. The calm community of Old Manali, which is 3 kilometers and 6589 feet above sea level from Manali, Himachal Pradesh, is situated in a valley that is densely covered in apple orchards. The Manalsu River separates Manali into Old Manali and New Manali. A riverside bridge leads to Old Manali. Many tourists visit this location more frequently than New Manali since it is cleaner and less crowded than New Manali.

Old Manali's tranquility is perhaps exceptional. This location is the ideal natural retreat due to its swaying eucalyptus, softly meandering roads, gushing waters of the Kullu river, and stunning highlands. Enjoy some delectable continental cuisine at a discount and shop for trinkets in the nearby markets. The mesmerizing sunrises and sunsets here will make you fall in love with the atmosphere.

The Hidimba temple is one of the most renowned landmarks in the city of Old Manali and is quite significant in terms of its religious importance. This location, tucked away in the tranquil embrace of nature, is the ideal setting to appreciate Himachal Pradesh's unadulterated natural splendor.

Further, Rohtang and Solang Valley are two locations that must be visited when visiting Manali for a vacation. One of the most well-liked tourist spots in Himachal Pradesh is Solang Valley, which is located 14 kilometers to the northwest of Manali's main town. The valley, which is on the route from Manali to Rohtang, gets a lot of visitors each year. Solang Valley, a favorite among adventure seekers, offers a variety of activities from parachuting to paragliding, and horseback riding to driving mini-open jeeps designed for visitors of all ages. Skiing is a well-liked winter sport in the snow-covered Solang valley, where training facilities and instructors are situated to monitor skiers and instruct newcomers.

When it comes to aesthetic sites you can visit the Jogini waterfall. It is situated in the lovely Manali Valley, about 2 kilometers from the well-known Vashisht Temple and about 3 kilometers from the busy hill town. The trek from Vashisht Temple takes you through orchards and pine forests to the captivating Jogini Waterfalls. It cascades from a height of 160 feet and its beautiful surroundings make it a popular tourist destination.

As you cross numerous smaller streams while trekking you will be mesmerized by the stunning panorama of the River Beas and the snow-capped peaks of Rohtang. When touring the gorgeous Manali Valley, it is essential to stop and admire the stunning vistas, which are a full treat for nature lovers and adventurers.

Another really popular tourist spot to visit in Manali is the Hadimba Temple. The Hadimba Temple is a special shrine honoring Hidimba Devi, who was Bhima's wife and the mother of Ghatothkach and is tucked away in the Manali mountains' snow-covered highlands. This lovely temple is situated on a rock that is thought to represent the likeness of the goddess Hidimba herself and is surrounded by gorgeous cedar forests. With its wooden entrances, walls, and cone-shaped roof, the Hidimba Devi temple, also known locally as Dhungari Temple, is built wholly differently from any of the other temples. This shrine is a suitable tribute to Hadimba, the deity that occupies the center.

Rohtang Pass is another really popular tourist location to visit. Rohtang Pass can only be accessible by vehicle and is just 51 kilometers from Manali. The pass is situated on the Manali-Keylong route at a staggering elevation of 3978 meters. The ultimate and practically mandatory attraction of the itinerary while organizing a trip to Manali is a day off to the Rohtang Pass vista point. Rohtang Pass is a favorite among the community of film directors due to its magnificent natural beauty. A strange tidbit about the place's name is that it was given the name since several CBRE employees perished trying to traverse this perilous stretch.

Parvati Valley which is located in Himachal Pradesh and is surrounded by popular tourist attractions should not be missed out on. The breathtaking valley is well-known for its adventure activities and backpacker hangouts. Hippie travelers also enjoy it for its well-known charas (hashish), raves, and spiritual experiences.

Numerous minor tributaries that join the Parvati River along the route provide stunning cascading waterfalls. While engaging in river rafting, camping, and trekking, guests are greeted by a clear view of the Himalayan Alps. Hippie tourists that come to the area for its renowned charas (hashish), raves, music festivals, and spiritual experiences also find it to be a popular visit.

The center of adventure activities in Himachal Pradesh is Manali. Manali has everything to offer, including white river rafting, trekking chances, zorbing, horseback riding, skiing, and paragliding. Along the River Beas, river rafting in Kullu Manali is popular among both experienced and novice rafters. The rafting part begins in a little neighborhood called Pirdi and passes through a number of places, including Bajaura, Sarabai, Bhuntar, Shamshi, Mohal, Raisol, and Katrain.

Manali attracts skiers from across the nation because of the superb skiing conditions there. Skiing is a fantastic activity on the sweeping slopes of Rohtang Pass and Solang Valley. They are well-liked by beginners learning their first trick while providing the best terrain for professionals skiing in Manali. In order to experience the excitement of skiing in the scenic environment of Manali, trust your skilled instructor if you enjoy an adventure.

Manali is not only a haven for sight-seeing tourists, but it is also a haven for shoppers. One of the best things to do in Manali is shopping, which is made possible by the town's charming roadside booths and long stretches of street markets.

From exquisitely woven shawls to regional handicrafts, Manali has a wide selection of distinctive souvenirs at reasonably low costs. When you've had your fill of visiting the surrounding snow-capped mountains and emerald-green valleys, visit these markets to bring home some Manali trinkets. You may experience all of this with our Manali vacation package for 1 night and 2 days without worrying about planning or transportation.

Manali also has great eateries, cafes, and pubs that can satisfy any appetites or needs that guests may have. Numerous eateries can be found, all of which offer a wide selection of mouth watering dishes. Along with the well-known Tibetan Momos, you may discover Italian, Chinese, Korean, Continental, Indian, Japanese, Thai, and Vietnamese cuisines here.

Younger crowds frequent the cafes with their own parallel culture. All day long, you can have apple pies, momos, banana pancakes, pizza, and yak's cheese at these eateries. Along with this, Samosas, Aloo Tikki, Bread Pakoras, Pav Bhaji, Gulab Jamun, and more street cuisine flood the streets with color and aroma.

1-Night, 2-Day Manali packages from Holidays DNA include lodging as well as sightseeing. Because we are aware of how challenging it can be to find reliable transportation in a city with a high volume of visitors, the package includes a private cab for touring Manali. The cab will handle picking you up and dropping you off at your hotel, so you can spend the entire day discovering Manali's mesmerizing splendor. You don't have to worry about any additional costs because the bundle itself includes parking and driver Batta.

Additionally, you have the option to modify your bundle by adding or removing any services you decide not to select. We provide custom-designed Manali travel packages made with all of your needs in mind. You can let our travel advisor know if you have any special requests, such as help with babysitting, a wheelchair, a candlelit meal, etc., and you can be confident that all the preparations will be made in the best way possible for you without any difficulties.

Along with all the amenities included in our 1-night and 2-day Manali packages, we also provide 24/7 assistance with all the amenities you desire. If you need our travel specialists, Holidays DNA is available day or night to help you out with any travel or tourism-related issue. If this is your first time visiting Manali, our travel consultants can also assist you to choose the best things to do there, recommend locations to visit, and provide advice on the best routes. You must take care of how to behave with locals and cleanliness while visiting the hill station. Hence, do make it a point to visit Manali at least once for a great journey and tourist experience.

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