One Day Manali Sightseeing Tour by Car

Out of all the popular hill stations in India, Manali is a famous hilly area that impresses tourists with its rich history, diverse cultural heritage, snow-capped peaks, sprawling meadows, lush green forests, majestic mountains, verdant landscapes, gushing streams, and a pleasant atmosphere. Add plenty of adventurous activities and lip-smacking cuisines to all this and you can never go wrong with this holiday destination.

Also referred to as the Honeymoon Capital of India, Manali, nestled against the backdrop of the mighty Himalayas in Himachal Pradesh state, is a beautiful hamlet that pleases everyone’s mind, whether you’re a wanderer, a nature buff, a sightseeing explorer, a thrill seeker, or a religious person. It’s a place that invites you to take a break from your busy life for a day or a complete week and return home refreshed and rejuvenated with new energy to look forward to your daily chores.

Not only does Manali boast of plenty of lakes, gardens, and scenic valleys that offer a perfect environment to couples looking to rekindle their romance in privacy, but this hill station simultaneously works best for all those who are interested in spending some quality time with their family and friends under one roof.

Featuring a perfect blend of years-old traditions with modernity, Manali presents a surreal setting with a picture-perfect backdrop to attract shutterbugs from all over the world and has numerous fascinating viewpoints for travelers seeking to dive into its vibe.

While there is a never-ending list of places to explore in Manali on your 2-day trip to this tourist destination, there are a few attractions that one shouldn’t miss if you want to make it the best trip of your life. These are as follows:

Manali Places to Visit in 2 days
Day 1 Manali Places to Visit
  • Manali Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Manu Temple
  • Rahala Waterfalls
Day 2 Manali Places to Visit
  • Bhrigu Lake
  • Old Manali
  • Kothi
  • Mall Road
1. Manali Wildlife Sanctuary

One of the first places to visit on your 2-day trip to Manali is the Manali Wildlife Sanctuary. Sprawling over 31.8 square km of area, the Manali Wildlife Sanctuary is a natural habitat that serves as a home to a variety of wildlife animals along with numerous birds, mammals, and reptiles. It’s a place where you can also treat your eyes with flora that is hard to find anywhere else in the region.

Located a few minutes away from the center of Manali town, the Manali Wildlife Sanctuary welcomes wildlife enthusiasts to spot the rare and endangered species of animals like Himalayan Black Bear, Himalayan Palm Civet, Kashmir Flying Squirrel, Flying Fox, Barking Deer, and Himalayan Yellow-throated Marten.

In addition to all this, one can also soak in the breathtaking scenic beauty and admire the views while strolling around this reserve forest. Several other activities such as trekking and camping are also available within the sanctuary to attract daredevils and fun-loving souls from different corners of the world.

The entry fee to visit the Manali Wildlife Sanctuary is INR 10 per person and the opening and closing timings are from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM from Monday to Sunday.

2. Manu Temple

Dedicated to King Manu – the Indian Sage, the Manu Temple is an old Hindu temple that boasts an excellent location with pagoda-style architecture that is a treat to watch. It’s a religious shrine that is known for its utmost religious significance and has a lot more to offer to its devotees.

The moment you step inside the temple, you’ll feel an unparalleled calmness that allows you to breathe in the fresh air and soak in the divine vibes. Absorb the tranquility as you enjoy the pleasant atmosphere and lush greenery surrounding this place. Its aura is so powerful that you’re sure to feel positive from the inside out and be spiritually enlightened. Please note that to make your way to this site, you need to trek through a narrow road, which is no less than an adventure in itself.

There is no entry fee to visit the Manu Temple in Manali. It is open for its devotees from 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM on all days and the ideal exploration time is 1-2 hours.

3. Rahala Waterfalls

Lying on the way to Rohtang Pass and only 29 km away from Manali Bus Stand, Rahala Waterfalls, surrounded by a dense forest of silver birch and deodar trees, is an ideal spot for nature lovers and photographers to enjoy a blissful escapade away from the bustling crowd of the hill station.

Perched 9000 feet high above sea level, the surreal setting of the Rahala Waterfalls invites locals and tourists to tuck their souls free in the serenity of nature and the picture-perfect backdrop with a mesmerizing view of the snow-capped peaks makes you fall in love with this location all over again. It’s a place where you can not only de-stress your mind but also attain peace within.

March to October is considered as a perfect time to explore the beauty of Rahala Waterfalls as the level of the water is quite high at this time, making it a preferred destination for travelers to visit during the monsoon season.

The Rahala Waterfalls doesn’t charge anything from its visitors and its timings are from 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM on all days. You need to spare 1-2 hours from your schedule to explore its surroundings at its best.

4. Bhrigu Lake

Situated near Gulaba village, the Bhrigu Lake is a picturesque water body that offers a heart-throbbing experience you’ll ever experience in your entire life. It’s a high-altitude lake that allows you to witness the jaw-dropping views of the Himalayan peaks and alpine meadows as you enjoy a trek that is not only challenging but also worth trying.

Also referred to as the Pool of Gods, Bhrigu Lake is a lesser-known destination that is yet to be explored by many tourists on their 2-day visit to Manali. The expansive stretch of grasslands around this location makes you feel like you have entered into a different world altogether where you can be just you without any disturbance from traffic, noise pollution, and the maddening crowd.

While in the morning, the warmth of the sun turns your visit into a pleasant one, the night sky works as a cherry on the ice cream for night gazers and campers. What else? Visit it at least once and see how this lake will entice you to make your presence again and again. Such is the beauty of this place!

Entry to Bhrigu Lake is free for all its visitors and there are no specific timings to visit it during the day. However, it is advised to make your way from sunrise to sunset.

5. Old Manali

Visit Old Manali once and we bet you’d want to re-visit this place every time you’re on your Manali tour. Preserving the essence of old-world charm with a distinct culture, Old Manali is a more peaceful and organic town that receives fewer crowds compared to the other sightseeing places in Manali.

It’s a quiet settlement that is widely renowned for its beautiful apple orchards, traditional houses, and riverfront cafes that serve mouthwatering international cuisine with sober live music to relax and de-stress your mind. Here you can also enjoy authentic food to discover the real flavors of the Himachal delicacies and shop for knick-knacks at the local market.

To explore Old Manali, you don’t need to pay anything and it remains open for its visitors throughout the day. The recommended exploration time is 2-3 hours.

6. Kothi

Have the time of your life at a place that is surrounded by the unparalleled and untouched beauty of verdant landscapes, glaciers, and snow-capped peaks. Kothi, a quaint and peaceful village in Manali, is perched on the way towards the Solang Valley and has a rustic charm that draws the attention of tourists in large numbers.

An idyllic camping destination for adventure buffs, the Kothi village offers a surreal setting with a laid-back atmosphere for tourists to relax, unwind and feel rejuvenated after a hectic day of sightseeing exploration on their Manali tour. It’s a great place for couples to spend some blissful time away from the mind-numbing restlessness of the hill station and is undoubtedly a perfect spot for thrill seekers seeking to feel an adrenaline rush in their bodies.

The Kothi village remains open 24 by 7 and hence, can be visited at any time. Coming to its entry fee, you don’t need to pay anything to surrender yourself to the magnificent displays of nature in this awe-inspiring location.

7. Mall Road

Shop till you drop at Mall Road! Heaven for shopaholics, the Mall Road is the busiest and most loved street market in Manali that offers plenty of shopping opportunities to all who are looking to purchase some outstanding stuff at reasonable prices.

Right from Tibetan jewelry to Himalayan handicrafts, woolen caps, cardigans, sweaters, and Kullu and Kinnauri shawls, it’s a place where you’ll surely find something of your interest. Some of the other items that are worth buying here are nameplates, keychains, Buddhist paintings, dorjes, etc. Make sure to stop at the fine-dining restaurants and cafes this Mall Road boasts to cater to all taste buds. Also, don’t forget to taste the Maggie and Momos as they are a must-try for street food lovers.

To make the most of your shopping at Mall Road, you can visit it from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM on all days and the entry is free for all the locals as well as tourists.

Include these points of interest in your itinerary list and enjoy your Manali tour to the fullest. The above-mentioned places are more than enough to keep you occupied all the time on your 1-day or 2-visit to Manali. If interested, take a few more days off to cover the other tourist attractions that are a hit among the holidaymakers. These include Hadimba Devi Temple, Great Himalayan National Park, Rohtang Pass, Solang Valley, Beas Kund, Van Vihar National Park, Naggar Village, Vashist Hot Water Springs, Nehru Kund, Himalayan Nyingmapa Buddhist Temple, Hampta Pass, etc.

Manali is one of the few hill stations in India that has a rich history and cultural heritage to offer to all its visitors and there is no better way to explore the best of it than availing of our all-inclusive Manali tour packages. We at Manali Tourism, a division of Holidays DNA, strive to offer the best of our services to our diverse clientele.

Keeping everyone’s varied holiday duration, budget, and other requirements in mind, our team has designed a variety of travel packages that can be altered as per your choice of interest. You can also ask us to create an itinerary that will not only allow you to rest and rejuvenate but also help you to be equally active on your 2-day visit to Manali. There is also a list of top car rental companies in Manali available for your convenience. To get in touch with us, please fill out the Contact Us form.

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