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Friendship Peak expedition lets you witness many layers of nature around Manali. Mt Friendship Peak is one of the highest peaks in Pir Panjal of the Himalayas. From the summit, you can get a panoramic view of Pir Panjal, Dhauladhar, and many hills like Hanuman Tibba and Deo Tibba.

The trek to Friendship Peak Manali is of moderate difficulty. It’s a worthwhile experience for anyone looking for trekking in Manali.

While the snowy peaks attract everyone to climb the summit, the green stretches add beauty to the trek. On the way, you’ll also find numerous water bodies that took birth from the mighty glaciers.

Regular trekkers can go for the trek without the need of any professional training. All you need is an experience in high-altitude trekking.

About Friendship Peak Expedition

Friendship Peak Manali is a 5289 m (17352 ft) high mountain in the Pir Panjal range of Kullu. The trek to the peak takes you through many narrow and steep climbs at a high altitude.

The journey passes through the beautiful Solang Valley, and you get a sweeping view of the valley from the summit. Thick forests, colourful orchards and expansive meadows altogether make this trek a memorable one. But Friendship Peak Expedition is more than just getting a pretty view from the top.

Mt Friendship Peak Trek is an ideal introduction to mountaineering. Essential training for the climbing equipment and orientation of the landscape is provided before the trek. And you’re all set to conquer the peak.

You can go for a solo Friendship Peak Trek or with a group. Each trip will leave you in awe. It gives you the experience of mountaineering in a subtle way. The trek has these little moments of achievement you’ll cherish forever.

Each season poses a different set of challenges. And with that comes the refreshing thrills and excitement of trekking.

Friendship Peak Trek Details

  • Friendship Peak Trek Distance: 34 km
  • Friendship Peak Trek Duration: 7-9 days
  • Friendship Peak Trek Cost: Starts at ₹17,000 per person
  • Friendship Peak Trek Difficulty: Moderate
  • Friendship Peak Trek Height: 5289 m (17352 ft)

Note: The start and end point for Friendship Peak Trek is in Solang Base Camp, 15 km from Manali.

The duration of Friendship Peak Trek can vary depending on the weather. Also, Friendship Peak Trek price depends on the number of people trekking, season and facilities offered during the trek. Trekking gears might (or might not) be included.

Best time to do Friendship Peak Trek

The best time to trek to Friendship Peak Manali is either May-June or September-October. During these months, the path is clear, making the trek less dangerous. Also, the weather is friendly, thus providing you with a glimpse of the snowy peaks and surrounding greenery.

During May-June, the average temperature is 23 °C in the daytime. At night, the temperature can fall to as low as -2 °C. The months of September-October are comparatively colder, with the temperature between 20 °C (during the day) and -6 °C (at night).

Friendship Peak Trek Itinerary

Friendship Peak expedition is an excellent option for trekkers looking for something a bit more demanding than treks while being manageable. The ascent is gentle. It becomes rough and steep as you approach the Friendship Peak summit.

The trek to Friendship Peak offers a mountaineering experience without having to go through harsh conditions. It begins with a walk to Dhundi or Bakerthach from Solang, 15 km away from Manali. Sometimes excursions start in Manali itself, while at other times, you’re driven up to Dhundi to gear up for the trek.

Here’s a general itinerary:

  • Day 1: Arrive at Manali and rest
  • Day 2: Drive to Solang Base Camp and trek to Dhundi and then, Bakerthach
  • Day 3: Trek from Dhundi/Bakerthach to Lady Leg Advance Base Camp
  • Day 4: Acclimatization at Lady Leg, load ferry to Summit Camp, and back at Lady Leg
  • Day 5: Trek from Lady Leg Advance Base Camp to Summit Camp
  • Day 6: Trek from Summit Camp to Friendship Peak and back to Lady Leg
  • Day 7: Trek from Lady Leg back to Solang Base Camp and drive to Manali

The total length of the Friendship Peak Trek route is 34 km, and the time taken to complete the trek is between 7-9 days. But the itinerary can vary depending on the time and weather you choose for trekking.

Also, 1-2 days are kept as a buffer in case you can’t approach the summit as planned. So, do some research about the nearby tourist attractions and use your spare time, if any.

Things to keep in mind during Friendship Peak Trekking

  • First-time trekkers should avoid the trek.
  • Prior experience with high-altitude trekking is a must.
  • Ensure proper body training and conditioning.
  • Be with your group at all times.
  • Avoid roaming away from the marked path.
  • Avoid carrying too much weight in your backpack.
  • Carry necessary medicines and a first aid kit.
  • Camera and binoculars are also a must.
  • Have extra batteries for your electronic items.
  • Pack warm and comfortable clothes.
  • Wear comfortable and sturdy footwear.
  • Keep good jackets, boots and coats handy.
  • Pack umbrella/raincoat.
  • Pack a torch for camp stays.
  • Smoking and consumption of alcohol aren’t allowed.
  • Network connectivity isn’t available in the mountains.
  • Keep one or two days extra reserved in your schedule.

How to reach Friendship Peak Manali?

The trek to Friendship Peak Manali is a 34 km long trek that takes 7-9 days to complete. It starts (and ends) in Solang valley. It’s 15 km away from Manali Bus Depot, 289 km from Kalka railway station, and 60 km from Kullu’s Bhuntar airport. The nearest international airport is 324 km away, in Chandigarh.

Most trek operators have pickup points in Manali Bus Depot or Mall Road. They can also arrange pickup from your hotel to Solang Base Camp.

The other way to reach Friendship Peak Base Camp is to take a taxi from top car rental companies in Manali or auto-rickshaw. It should take about 20-30 minutes from Manali.

FAQs about Friendship Peak Manali

Q. Where is Mt Friendship Peak located in India?
Mt Friendship Peak is a 5289 m (17352 ft) high mountain in the Pir Panjal range of Kullu in Himachal Pradesh.

Q. What makes the Friendship Peak Trek unique?
A. Friendship Peak Trek takes you through the beautiful Solang valley. You get a sweeping view of the surrounding forests and meadows. The expedition gives you a subtle mountaineering experience, posing a different set of challenges each season. It provides an ideal introduction to mountaineering for trekkers looking to level up from regular treks.

Q. Is Friendship Peak difficult?
A. Friendship Peak Trek in the Himalayas is considered a moderate difficulty trek. It takes you through narrow and steep climbs at a high altitude. Trekkers experienced in high-altitude trekking can take part in it. Basic training with climbing equipment is provided.

Q. How to do Friendship Peak Trek in Manali?
A. The trek to Friendship Peak is a 7-day long trek. Trek operators arrange pickup from Manali and other nearby places to the base camp where you can begin the hike.

Q. Where is the base camp for the Friendship Peak Trek?
A. Friendship Peak base camp is in Solang valley, 15 km from Manali.

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